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Google global monthly search for 'money' keyword (MAR 2018) is ~1.0 million @ $0.93 CPC.

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This premium, world-class, generic domain — money & exchange | money dot exchange — is for sale. All serious offers from businesses will be considered. HOW TO BUY THIS DOMAIN.

Purchase this powerful name and use it for your primary site or as a microsite to complement your main URL. Keyword domains are perfect for lead generation as they embody the search terms (intent) of online shoppers. Dictionary, specialized, and targeted domains may receive the best outcomes for the most competitive keyword terms. A domain like captivates and intrigues: it commands attention – and action!

Moreover, is a strong keyword combination URL — which your business can leverage to generate unique and memorable links. This dynamic generic domain pairing is easily recognized, understood and shared by end-users.

Finally, looks bold and authoritative as an email address. Visualize your customers seeing this marketing communication in EACH and EVERY email correspondence —

MONEY.EXCHANGE is much more than a domain name; to paraphrase Marshall McLuhan – your domain name is your message!

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Why are Domain Names So Valuable?

— last updated Friday, 7/20/2018

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